A real estate investment – reliable returns in times of low interest rates

Real estate investmentsNowadays there are more Investment opportunities than ever for investors who seek to actively invest their money. Simple savings and related types of investments are now barely profitable, as the returns are extremely low. One type of investment that can hold its own in virtually any location, is real estate investment. You can find out more about how you can create a strong foundation for your share portfolio with real estate shares in Germany and how FCR Immobilien AG can help you, here.

Invest intelligently bypassing inflation – invest your money in a sustainable way and benefit from our expertise. 

The investment in buildings and apartments has proven itself as a capital investment. If you hold shares in real estate, this usually guarantees a solid return with only a low risk of loss. Of course, it is essential that the investor of choice understands the management of value investments such as real estate. It is also dependent on this whether your money also generates returns.

Buy real estate shares and benefit from our extensive expertise – FCR Immobilien AG is your professional investor for real estate in lucrative secondary locations. Profit from our specialist knowledge and invest in real estate shares or bonds offered by our company.

What should I bear in mind when investing in real estate?

Important criteria for a real estate investment include location and type of use. If, for example, the building is to be converted into a residential complex, then corresponding local demand must also exist. At the same time, however, the property must be located in such a location that potential buyers are not deterred by excessive rents or adverse environmental factors.

FCR Immobilien AG is your specialist for intelligent real estate investments

This is where our company comes in: When buying real estate shares from us, you participate in our investment concept and have the opportunity to generate a solid return, at low risk. Below, we would like to show you what our business model looks like and where its strengths lie.

These steps are part of a real estate investment through FCR Immobilien AG

  • Identifying a promising property
    In order to be able to make a property investment which offers a high yield, we search the market throughout Germany. We focus primarily on specialist stores and shopping centres in secondary locations. These are more lucrative because they usually present an up-and-coming environment, without being subject to the strong fluctuations in value inherent in more expensive primary locations.
  • Advantageous purchasing through the support of our network
    To ensure that we are always able to identify such properties reliably, we work together with various partners. These include banks, investment companies and real estate companies. In the event of sell-off or insolvency situations, we undertake the necessary real estate investment up to 30 percent below the normal market value.
  • Long-term leasing to internationally active partners
    In order to secure long-term rental income, the properties are leased to anchor tenants with an international profile and a strong credit rating. We maintain long-term contact with these tenants, for example in the retail sector. We calculate a rental yield of 12 percent on the purchase price of the properties. In addition, forward-looking asset management allows corresponding profits to be realised over the longer term when the properties are resold.

In addition to specialist stores and shopping centres, we deliberately keep our options open for profitable real estate investments in adjacent fields as well. We are therefore keen to seize opportunities to invest in residential, hotel or office properties outside the commercial real estate sector.

A real estate investment as a financial investment – Invest in FCR Immobilien AG

In 2018, we took the plunge and went public with our company. Now that we are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in both the SCALE segment and the Basic Board, you can buy bonds and real estate shares from us. We plan to gradually expand our portfolio with more than 40 properties across Germany in the future and continue to steadily grow our company over time.

Further information for investors: What FCR Immobilien AG offers

  • More than 60 properties located throughout Germany
  • Focus on retail, but also office, residential and hotel
  • Occupancy rate of around 85 percent
  • Rentable area of all properties approx. 300,000 square meters

Has our future-proof business model convinced you? Then buy real estate shares or bonds offeredy FCR Immobilien AG and enjoy steady and secure returns. Investors can find further information about our company on our homepage under „Investor Relations“.