Profitable real estate shares: Buy shares in FCR Immobilien AG

Buy real estate shares

For many years, real estate shares have proven to be a safe investment in Germany. They combine manageable financial risk with sustainable and above all continuously rising returns. At FCR Immobilien AG, we offer you lucrative real estate shares and bonds within this framework, adding a secure package to your share portfolio.

Robust, financially viable and long-term investment: The real estate shares and bonds of FCR Immobilien AG

You can count on us to invest in real estate shares in Germany that are listed in the SCALE segment and on the Basic Board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Secure a profitable investment opportunity by investing in our real estate shares or benefit from solid returns when investing in bonds. If you are looking for steady and low-risk investment opportunities, then investing in real estate shares in Germany are a proven option!

Let us guide you through your investment opportunities with real estate shares now. You can contact us by calling +49 89 413 249 600.

What makes FCR Immobilien AG real estate shares particularly profitable?

From our location in Munich, we are active throughout Germany. We are always on the lookout for high-yield investments, primarily in the area of retail. We combine opportunities to buy real estate at a reasonable price with the possibility of subletting the property to partners with a high credit rating.

Of course, we also make use of attractive acquisition options for properties that are not purely retail properties. Our portfolio is therefore diverse: Other possible commercial areas of FCR Immobilien AG include hotel, office and residential properties.

Would you like to buy real estate shares and use them to increase your share portfolio? Then you’ve to the right place! FCR Immobilien AG is your specialist investor for shopping centres and specialist retail parks in locations further away from major cities.

Therefore, real estate shares in Germany: Why it is worthwhile for you to buy real estate shares of FCR Immobilien AG

  • We focus on real estate in secondary locations
    We have made a deliberate decision to concentrate on commercial properties at locations with considerable development potential. Our portfolio therefore consists primarily of shopping centres and specialist retail parks, which offer above-average potential returns due to their location. At the same time, properties in these locations are affected to a much lesser extent by fluctuations in economic cycles. This makes it possible to forecast long-term performance much more reliably.
  • We are part of a strong network
    Our company maintains close business relationships with established banks, estate agents and fund management companies. This network often offers us the opportunity to acquire potentially lucrative properties at 10%-30% below market value. Such acquisitions are often carried out in the context of sell-off or insolvency situations.
  • We place our trust in renowned anchor tenants for our properties
    In order to ensure the long-term profitability of our properties, we seek to acquire very solvent and well-known anchor tenants for our properties. There is a strong presence of supra-regionally active companies, especially in the food trade sector. To this end, we target a rental yield of 12% on the purchase price of the property.
  • We pursue active asset management
    After the acquisition of specific properties, profitable rental returns are of course not our only objective. Simultaneously, we work to strengthen the attractiveness of our properties in the long term through concentrated asset management. In addition to rental income, we generate additional profits from the sale of individual properties that have been further improved by us.

Take advantage of this opportunity and strengthen your share portfolio through purchasing our real estate shares or bonds. Gain a foothold into the real estate market, which continues to offer smart investors solid returns with easily calculable risks.

Buying real estate stocks and bonds: Your dependable real estate investment with FCR Immobilien AG

As a company, we focus on regions with solid growth prospects and strong demand. With our real estate shares, you are buying a stake in a prospering company that concentrates on highly profitable investments located in peripheral areas, can rely on reputable large tenants while at the same time generating profits through the targeted sales of real estate.

  • Strong geographical diversification of our portfolio
    Through the diversification of our properties throughout Germany, we thereby reduce our dependence on local economic conditions. By acquiring our real estate shares in Germany, you are also simultaneously reaping the benefits offered by our strong portfolio.
  • Strong Portfolio
    At present, our real estate portfolio comprises of more than 60 properties throughout Germany. The total rentable area amounts to around 300,000 square metres with an overall low vacancy rate.

Would you like to find out more about our various properties, shares, bonds or other investment opportunities? Then feel free to contact us! Further information on the securities offered by FCR Immobilien AG can be found on our website under „Investor Relations“.